Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The European debt crisis in a picture

From the New York Times (by way of Simon Johnson), a beautiful (and scary) picture of the various debt connections among European nations. (Best to right click and download and then open so you can easily zoom in and out as the picture is mighty big.)

My question is - what happens if the Euro does collapse? Do European nations have well-planned emergency measures to restore the Franc, Deutchmark, Lira and other European currencies quickly? Somehow I'm not feeling reassured.


  1. I was surprised by Japan's 200+% debt level, thinking that many are talking about the US having a "lost decade", that is markedly higher than the US 100%. Is it a portent?

    And by the way, isn't the "lost decade" almost two decades old now?

  2. Hello. Congratulations for your blog. Have you ever seen the blog of Protesilaos Stavrou? A young Cypriot university student who writes almost daily about the crisis in the eurozone. I thought it might interest you.

    Here is the link to his blog: http://protes-stavrou.blogspot.com

    And here his latest article about the discussion around stricter rules and the issue of public debts causing the crisis or not: http://protes-stavrou.blogspot.com/2011/10/stricter-rules-are-good-stabilizing.html#.TqgLD3JiPa5