Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Building a financial system that works for the real economy

I highly recommend this video of a talk given recently by Sony Kapoor at the Global Systems Dynamics Workshop in Berlin. As it happens, I was there and got to see the talk in person; it's funny and very insightful. Kapoor used to work at Lehman Bros (well before it's collapse), and eventually quit investment banking to do more useful things -- he now works at Re-define, a think tank on public policy.

I tried to embed the video here but failed. There seems to be embed protection on it for some reason.

There were a number of other great talks at the meeting as well, all available on video here.


  1. This was excellent, both clear-eyed, and deeply knowledgeable, and not just about the financial system. The analogies to ecosystems are filled with insight, as is the metaphor of highway driving.

    At the root of the gut-wrenching changes that have nearly driven us over the cliff is that most invisible of the usual suspects, technology. I don't think it's coincidental that cheap RAM, networked computing power, the world-wide web, and the rapid increase in the use of derivatives all come about with a few years of each other in the early 1990s, or that the result is sort of homogeneity that Kapoor warns against.