Monday, March 25, 2013

FORECAST: new book to be published tomorrow!

That's right, my new book, the cover of which you've seen off to the right of this blog for some time now, will FINALLY be in bookstores in the US tomorrow, March 26. Of course, it is also available at Amazon and other likely outlets on the web. Who knows when reviews and such will begin trickling in. The book was featured in Nature on Thursday in their "Books in brief" section (sorry, you'll need a subscription), but the poor writers of those reviews (I've been one) really have almost no space to say anything. The review does make very clear that the book exists and purports to have some new ideas about economics and finance, but it makes no judgement on the usefulness of the book at all.

Anyone in the US, if you happen to be in a physical bookstore in the next few days, please let me know if you 1) do find the book and 2) where it was located. I've had the unfortunate experience in the past that my books, such as Ubiquity or The Social Atom, were placed by bookstore managers near the back of the store in sections with labels like Mathematical Sociology or Perspectives in the Philosophy of History, where perhaps only 1 or 2 people venture each day, and then probably only because they got lost while looking for the rest room. If you do find the book in an obscure location, feel completely free -- there's no law against this -- to take all the copies you find and move them up to occupy prominent positions in the bestsellers' section, or next to the check out with the diet books, etc. I would be very grateful!

And I would very much like to hear what readers of this blog think about the book.


  1. I honestly laughed at the idea of someone moving dozens and dozens of someone's book to the front of a bookstore.

    Anyway, I received your book this morning from Better be good or else next time I'm in a bookstore I'll move every copy to the Mathematical Sociology section where it belongs. ;)

  2. I only wish I found "dozens and dozens" of books in the obscure sections that I could move. It was usually a few, sometimes less than 1....

    I do hope you enjoy the book!


  3. Thanks for this new book. I think I will buy the electronic version directly this time ... but - just to let you know - the others books were in the more or less in the right place in the Italian bookshelves, between Jeremy Bernstein and Norbert Wiener :)

  4. Mark - The book was on display prominently in Oxford on Sunday....purchased a Kindle version and look forward to discussing it with investors (and even a few economists). Well done for challenging the conventional.

    Ian H (ASR London)

  5. It was prominently displayed with other new arrivals directly across from the sales counter at the Harvard Book Store, in Cambridge, MA. That was two weeks ago.

    1. Norm,

      Thanks for letting me know. That's good news!


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