Friday, June 6, 2014

Medium Tedium

In comments on my last post, Gekko asks quite rightly why I've been doing this silly business of posting two paragraphs and then linking to "more at Medium." It's a good question, so let me explain what's going on. I know it's irritating, and I'd like not to do it, but ....

A while back, Medium asked me to write some things for them. They pay a few writers (a little, very little, in my case) and are in the stages of trying to get their project growing. What it will grow into remains unknown. I do like their layout, and would like to be involved in Medium if and when it turns into the next big thing, whatever that might be.... but I also don't want to just go over there and abandon my blog. First, Medium is just articles; you can't have any sidebars with links to other people's sites, and I think such links are valuable, so visiting there is very different. Two, I don't know if Medium won't just disappear two months from now.

So, I'm left with this very unsatisfying business of posting two paragraphs here, and then linking there. (By contract, I'm not supposed to post in both places, at least not before a significant delay.). I'm not sure what else to do. The dilemma has in fact hurt my blogging, as some days I've started writing about something, then fallen into internal debate about whether to post here, or over there, or what else I might do, and then.... just gave up after an hour and did something else, like clean the gutters or walk the dogs.

If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them!


  1. Mark, I would continue as before. But I would like to see your old blog posts here to be completed when your contract allows. This blog has a nice search function which will work better with full texts. It would work even better if you would have a list with references below each article (e. g. Does blogspot allow to post automatically at a certain date a changed page? Otherwise I would organize it with, but perhaps it can be done automatically somehow.

  2. Yeah, this is one of the many challenges of trying to money publishing online.

    Maybe you could set a reminder to repost here after a month (or however long is acceptable for Medium), and have a paragraph or two of preface that delayed post with links to responses to the article that you'd seen since it was first published.

    Might be a nice way to give Medium a chance, but also revisit the topic after seeing some responses to make your blog readers even better informed.

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