Monday, February 1, 2016

Shifting view

Hey, I've changed the title of this blog!

Why? Because I'm going to shift its perspective a little. As all of you will know, I've (mostly) stopped blogging here in the past 4-6 months. Reason? Because much of what interests me now has no immediate link to "finance," and so "physics of finance" doesn't seem quite right. I'd like to eliminate this psychological barrier (for myself). 

So, expect more posts, but maybe on different topics.




  1. Great! I'm bored with economics. But this is a step toward getting out of the rut it is in where the heterodox never actually gets to the heart of the problem:

  2. Mark, this may be the most references to physics analogies you'll ever see in a mainstream economist's blog post:

    1. An update today to David Glasner's post (above) has added even MORE physics analogies!

  3. Ok, about retargeting but I think you can give an important contribute to current new "crises" analysis. As others recent past "crises" I see mainstream analysts attempting to give explanation that only demonstrate they have no means for understanding let's figure out their capability to foreseen future)

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